Goblin: The lonely and Great God (Korean Drama)

I’ve been busy nowadays watching kdrama’s and one of it is entitled Goblin: The lonely and great God, starring Gong Yoo (Train to Busan;movie), Lee Dongwook (Blade Man;tvseries) and Kim Goeun(Chees in the trap;tvseries). 

It was about Kim Shin the unbeatable general in ancient times who became Goblin possesing an immortal life and who’s been living for almost 1000 years. He receive a punishment from divinity after dying with the sword on his chest pointing the heart, that he will remain alive remembering the sadness and tragic things happened in his life and the only way he will be in peace is when he meet his bride to pull out the sword so he can turn to ashes and be at ease.

The story will go around that plot. Gong Yoo is the Goblin, Lee DongWook as GrimReaper and Kim Goeun as Eun Tak a.k.a ‘bride of goblin’. 

You will enjoy the hilarious duo of Gong Yoo ang Dong Wook the love and hate of the two will make you laugh. The story of Goblin and Euntak is also very nice their love story is onr of a kind. Each character in this kdrama is the best! Whenever I watched it swear I’m getting goosebumps, the kilig is overloaded, the laugh, love and the magical scene traveling from korea to canada in a snap! Daebak! (Awesome) my feels is overflowing… mygadd 😊

The hotness of the two gentleman in this drama is given. 

All praises to the writer, director and all people behind this drama. Episodes are available online like kissasian, viki, boxasian, dramafever and a lot more website allowing you to watch this for free. I am not paid for this post I’m doing, I just admire how good it is. 

This kdrama is composed of episodes and being aird two days per week Fri-Sat KST. This ia composed of 16 episode currently at four.

I wanna share my feelssss. Come’on lets find out what is going to happen with Goblin and lets share our feels.
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My dear

​Dear you reading this, I know you’re having a hard times. I know you’re in the middle of nowhere. I know things are confusing and you are thinking about giving up. No. Don’t. It’s okay, you will really feel it that way. It’s just normal, you’re human. In life each of us have gone to this stages or some may not yet experience it. That’s okay. Life will really give you a different kind of adventure to the point that your only option is to go or to stop. If you haven’t try anything to make it work please do something. You can still do it. Think of it. Plan it. Identify the problem and come up with what you think will be the solution.I know God will guide you in any way. I know you maybe thinking its impossible but the question is.. have you tried it? How far? If your answer is no. So stop complaining that it is impossible because impossible itself is simply giving you another meaning which is I’M POSSIBLE that means you can do it behind the doubt you’re having right now. Trust yourself. Believe you can. The difficulties you have now will eventually end and you will be left with happiness and fulfillment that you tried. And whatever outcome it may be you wouldn’t regret any of it. Your life is far from over. I hope you believe that. 💕


Dear future husband

​”To my future husband, lets spoil our kids with the word of God and never leave them wondering who Jesus is. Let’s lead by example and love our children unconditionally the way christ loves us. I promise to stand by your side as you lead our family closer to God. I’m so excited to have a family of our own! I love you even now. Love, your future wife.”  — anonymous

Kaya pa bes?

Ilang beses ka ng nagmahal
Ilang beses ka na rin nasaktan

Ilang beses ka na rin umasa
Ilang beses ka na rin nawalan ng pag-asa

Ilang beses ng umibig ng mali
Ilang beses na rin nagsabing iibig pang muli

Ilang beses nang nag isip
Ilang beses na rin nawala sa pag-iisip

Ilang beses pa ba ang kailangan para hindi na maulit, ang pailang-ilang sakit at hapdi na idinulot ng pagmamahal na mali

Ilang beses na kasi..

Sadyang tandhana’y mapag-laro, mukhang natutuwa yata siyang makita kang bigo

Bakit pa kailangang maramdaman o maranasan kung sa huli ay iiwan ka rin lamang? Bakit?

Ilang beses pa bang magpapaulit-ulit
Ilang beses pa bang iikot sa mga salitang nagmahal, nasaktan, at iibig pang muli?

Ilang beses pa ba?

Hanggang ang puso ay wala nang maramdaman at hindi na kaya pang umibig?

Kailan ba matatapos? O wala ng balak pang tapusin sa kadahilanang ang tadhana ay natutuwang makita kang sawi

Ilang beses na ring nasasaktan ang sariling damdamin, na alam nating pagod na pagod na sa paulit ulit na pagkasawi

Ilang beses pa ba ang kailangan

Kakayanin mo pa ba?